All about the leather used by Incredible Range

The leather is wonderfully soft and flexible yet sturdy and durable over the years. With an epidermal protective layer and up to an inch of widely spaced subdermal collagen fibers, buffalo leather offers unparalleled strength and flexibility.

Brief history of leather
Leathermaking has been practiced for over 7,000 years. Buffalo leather was first domesticated in Asia over 6,000 years ago and the main leather producers today are China and India.

The skins depend on the age, sex, maturity and lifespan of each animal. Demography also plays an important role in individuality. Color variations and slight marks are part of its identity.

Leather tanning-
Vegetable tanning is one of the oldest methods known to man. Vegetable tanned leather also tends to age better and develops a rich patina over time. We extract the tannins from different parts of the vegetable and give a desirable color to the leather.

Durable leather
The durability of durable leather products is legendary. Buffalo leather is up to three times thicker and more flexible than cowhide, resulting in exceptionally durable and comfortable upholstered products. Its elasticity and durability give it great resistance to tearing. It is flame resistant so it won't burn or melt. In other words, it's one of the strongest cushioning materials known to man. Incredible Range uses suede goatskin to give a smooth texture to the bag's flap lining.

Leather is a natural material that absorbs, releases moisture and breathes, much like our skin. This allows it to adapt perfectly to the temperature.

Leather Aging-
With proper care, buffalo leather products last a lifetime and acquire a rich patina over time, which enhances the beauty of the leather and makes it your own antique.

How to care for leather product
The fibers of the leather are smooth and resistant and prevent the penetration of lint, hair or dust, which makes it easy to clean. It is best to clean it directly with a clean, damp cloth. We can recommend cleansers and conditioners to keep it beautiful and shiny year after year.

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