Incredible Range® is an Indian, innovative, dynamic and responsible handcrafted leather goods brand.

IR Leather Manufacturers Private Limited has its head office and workshops in Delhi, India. It has a branch in Marseille, France, to be closer to its customers.

The leather used, 100% Indian, is carefully selected for its qualities of resistance and durability. Particular attention is also paid to the quality of the fabrics and accessories used, the buckles are in brass and zink for maximum longevity, the main zips are in iron for intensive use without problems.

Incredible Range is a brand committed to ecological transition.

The company pursues a zero waste objective thanks to Up-Cycling (recovery of small scraps of new leather, bought before ending up in the trash). It is also committed to reducing pollutants by using natural leathers, treated with minerals and plants.

All bags and accessories are handcrafted, with attention to detail and finishes that delight the most perfectionist. The designs are fashion and trendy. The emphasis is on the practicality of bags and accessories, with lots of pockets and modularity.

Thus, each product is INCREDIBLE!

The brand offers 2 collections:

- HOLI (name of the Indian festival of colors): bags and accessories from up-cycling, colorful and multi-material. Unique pieces!

- VINTAGE: bags and accessories in natural leather, which bring out the grain and the beauty of the leather. Products that last, and that acquire a patina over time.

Our history

Mr Inamur Rahman and Mr Feroz Shaikh are two leather professionals who started working together in 2001 in India.

In order to put their ideas for reducing waste and pollutants into practice, they created the company IR Leather Manufacturers Private Limited in Delhi in 2014. They integrate Up-cycling and natural leathers into their production cycle.

In 2017, they launched their own brand: Incredible Range®. A brand that bets on innovation and quality, with environmental and social responsibility.

In 2020, the company employs nearly 50 people and has 3 stores in India, in Delhi, Goa and Dharamsala. The two partners decide to expand in Europe, and create their branch in Marseille, in the South of France.

In 2022, IR LEATHER MANUFACTURERS has 3 points of sale in Marseille, in the prestigious Terrasses du Port shopping center (9 Quai du Lazaret, 13002 Marseille), and in Le Panier (8 Rue du Petit Puits 13002 Marseille), the most historic area most touristic in the city. The offices and showroom are also located in Le Panier (25 Rue des Belles Ecuelles 13002 Marseille).

Today the brand is present in more than 25 countries, and online www.incrediblerange.com.

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